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yo. He. Tu. Has. Él/ella/usted. Ha. nosotros. Hemos. Vosotros.

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Using the Verb Estar. Estar is often used to talk about temporary states of being. For example, Ella … 2019-11-27 (Él / Ella / Usted)* venda (Nosotros/as)* vendamos (Vosotros/as)* vended (Ellos / Ustedes)* vendan * you don't normally use personal pronouns with the imperative form 2020-02-26 usted, él, ella. Add to list. you, he, she.

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1st person. I. Yo o o o.

Él ella usted in english

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Él ella usted in english

-iste. 2a singular (tú). -ió. 3e singular (él, ella, usted). -imos. 1a plural (nosotr@s).

8. jag är (ursprung, yrke, tillhörighet, bestämmelse, (él, ella, usted) tiene.
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However, we use usted commands in more formal settings or to imply respect.

The pronouns in the left‐hand column of the chart are all singular ( yo, tú, él, ella, and usted ) and those on the right‐hand side are their plural equivalents. usted: con usted 3rd: él/ella/ello: English subject pronouns are generally not translated into Spanish if neither clarity nor emphasis is an issue. él/ella/ello, usted lo/la, se Like the English pronouns "who" and "whom", it can only be used to refer to people. It is invariable for gender, and was originally The reason of this is the following.
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Preferir, Merendar, Cerrar, Querer.

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Usted habla:You speak/talk. Él/Ella habla:He/She speaks/talks. Nosotros hablamos:We speak/ talk. What does el or Ella mean in english? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer.

2a singular (tú). -ió. 3e singular (él, ella, usted).